What is SEO or Search engine optimization?

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What is SEO or Search engine optimization?

Many companies that are building websites for their services or products are not using it for its main purpose – to make their brand visible. Since the very beginning of creating a website the company has to think about the optimization for the search engines. Or alternatively they will just develop a website that doesn`t come up, and at the end will not make any use. Understanding SEO and improving your website to fit the regulations of the search engines is an important step towards having a successful online presence. Lots of people think that the SEO is some sort of mystery with no rules and definitely no results. A real SEO though, knows that everything we do is based on best practices, on a lot of research and reliable data. A real specialist knows that it is necessary to perform daily some small tasks and improvements, so in long term we can the results of our hard work.

A little history

One of the biggest revolutions for internet are the Search engines. They are allowing, once random aggregation of information, to become an efficient informational system, where people can search and find everything they need to know.

At the beginning of Internet, around the end of the 20 century, a lot of companies invested in creating systems, and this way gave birth to Yahoo, Altavista and many more ambitious projects.

Once in the picture came Google, the war of the engines has been put to its end. It took Google only few years to develop and dominate the market, leaving the competition way back.

What did Google do?

As soon as Google came online, they made approaches that nobody else thought of using before them.

First of all, unlike the other search engines Google looked up for the websites and they didn`t have to make a registration. It was a real search engine.

Secondly – all of the results were classified by different severe criteria and there was not payment which influence the order.

After this revolution Google made the website developers had to start to create websites in a completely different manner. Content started to be more and more important, together with the technical part of the code. Of course, there were issues – as keywords stuffing, for example. Some webmasters were adding hidden keywords in the texts or making them invisible for the human eye, but not for the robots. Google has always rapidly discovered those tricks and created new rules for fighting them. The good professionals understood that the key to a good ranking in Google is not making effort to cheat, but to persistently improve their websites codes and content.

This is how was created the proffesion of the Search Engine Optimization specialists. Or simply SEO.

As Google is constantly changing and upgrading its algorithms the work of a search engine optimization specialist is hard and ongoing. Google is, of course, not telling us what they are and this is why big companies invest in researches and testing to see what is working and what is not.

Optimizing a website for good ranking is a long and ongoing process of improving the website`s content, benchmarking and creating links and connections with other websites.

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