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Optimizing Web Pages

Header Section (Head): The HEAD section of your HTML actually is not visible to people visiting your site. In fact, Title tag will appear in the title bar of the browser window, but will not be visible on the page.
The page title (Title): The title must be at most 5-10 words long. Must contain 2-3 most important words or phrases that you select and nothing else. The title is something like an advertising slogan, so it should be designed to attract those who find you in search. You may not know, although it is quite important that only the first 65 characters of the title appear on the page of search results – if your title is longer, I’ll just show only part of it.
The meta tag keywords: Meta tag “keywords” was important before but it`s said that now doesn`t have strong SEO value.
Meta tag description: It is strongly recommended to write separate descriptions for each page. Use the first ten words to attract visitors, using keywords where it makes sense. The description that appears in search results, also affects the CTR of your search results.

Headings and links

If possible, it is best to use keywords and keyword phrases in the headlines and sub-headings (H1, H2, H3 …) of the pages.

Basic text and modifiers

Writing the main text is usually quite easy. Just write naturally and include keywords (including variations) where they make sense. If the text does not perform well in front of people, then you have not done well, no matter how high you are in the rankings. You can get a slight push using most important search terms in the first paragraph, but not worth it if you lose clarity or fails to convince visitors to continue to read.
For any search terms you select for a page, write something original. If you are building your site with content from other people (from databases with articles, etc.) you would do much better if you add some editorial content to articles. The most important thing when creating content for your site is to avoid creating duplicate content. This means while creating new pages not copying the same text by changing a few words only.

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